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Creative Hire & Music Lessons

Building skill, fostering originality

Event Performer

Creating a dream come true for you and your loved ones. Choose your song(s), and receive a customized backing track and performance at your event, along with a full mp3 recording for you to keep to revisit that special day.


Option for an original composition tailored to you, filled with any details you would like, delivered in a creative, clever, and musically engaging way.

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Voice & Piano Lessons

Rawk U School of Music provides high quality lessons for voice, piano, drums, bass, and guitar, as well as songwriting and performance workshops. In the age of technology, we are committed to preserving the art of rock and roll, and it is our mission to provide real-life music experience in individual and group settings.


With Jess, your personal voice and/or piano instructor, you will explore your creativity while learning fundamental skills and technique. By combining traditional pedagogy with the highly abstract, you will learn in an environment tailored to you, and have fun doing it.

Graphic Design & Album Art

Need your vision brought to life in a visually engaging way? Specializing in newsletters, promotional material, and album art, I will help exemplify your vision at an affordable cost for small businesses and DIY artists. 

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Notebook Dried Plants

Creative Consulting

We all could use a sounding board to bounce ideas off of -  Two heads are better than one. After learning about you, your goals, and your desired timeline, I will help you improve and expand your approach, create a strategy unique to you, and ensure that all aligns with your values and vision. Book an introductory session below for a quote.

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