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Queen Jess (Jessica Fisch) is a Pittsburgh native music artist specializing in songwriting, production, performance, and keyboards. Frequently described as ‘magnetic’ and having a soulful velvety voice, Jess’s sincere emotional connection with her music is palpable. Originally self-taught and the only musician in her family for generations, her creativity and imagination are without limit. Jess currently resides in Philadelphia, PA after studying music in Boston, MA and New Orleans, LA, and is preparing for her EP release this Fall 2024.

Mellow (Uh Huh)


With a voice never short of soul and emotional depth, Jess sings a story of triumph over dark times, faith in the unknown, and journey into personal power, all with a piano-driven sound and undeniably funky groove. Composed during her time in New Orleans and self-produced and mixed during her current stay in Philadelphia, she combines the old and the new in a poised and deeply heartfelt way, even using some lyrics from one of her first songs ever written. 'Mellow (Uh Huh)' is track 1 off of her five-song EP set for release this Fall 2024. If you like the groove of Elton John, the voice of Amy Winehouse, and the quirky depth of Fiona Apple, you will love ‘Mellow (Uh Huh)’ by Queen Jess.


JULY 5, 2024



“What I hope for my listeners to experience is pure feeling with heavy groove that is ‘stank-face’ worthy. In a time where we are so programmed to disconnect, I use music as a way to reflect, renew, and reconnect with myself and others, all while never sacrificing the rhythm. While paying homage to classic genres like blues, funk, and classic rock, I aim for my songs to be an enjoyably deep experience, with wide arrangements you can really sink your ears into. And for the record, the stage name is sarcastic..."

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